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Ceylon Cinnamon - Cinnamomum Verum


• Scientific Name – Cinnamomum Verum;
• Also known as true cinnamon;
• Superior in quality and scent to other forms of cinnamon;
• Superior taste and health benefits to other spices;
• Dates back to biblical times;
• Used in ancient Egypt as a flavouring for beverages, in medicine as well as an embalming agent in mummification;
• Once considered more precious than gold;
• Mentioned in one of the earliest books on Chinese botanical medicine, dated around 2,700 B.C.;
• Traded regularly between Near East and Europe;
• Among the most sought after spices during the 16th Century;
• Portuguese and Arabs introduced it to Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East and then Europe;
• Sri Lanka is the leading producer of Ceylon Cinnamon globally

Health Benefits

• Loaded with antioxidants;
• Anti-inflammatory substances;
• May cut the risk of heart disease by reducing bad cholesterol and retaining good cholesterol
• Improves sensitivity to insulin
• Lowers blood sugar levels and wards off diabetes

Common Uses

• Perfumery
• Aromatherapy
• Soaps
• Cigarettes
• Cosmetics
• Culinary
• Medicinal

Different By-products & Grades

• Cinnamon oil
• Cinnamon in bee honey
• Cinnamon squills
• Cinnamon Powder
• H2
• C4
• C5
• C5 special