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Cloves - Syzygium Aromaticum


• Scientific Name – Syzygium Aromaticum;
• Native to the Maluku Islands (Moluccas) in Indonesia;
• Cloves along with nutmeg and pepper were highly valuable in the Roman Empire;
• The tree is an evergreen that grows up to 8-12 metres tall;
• Used in Asian, African and the Near and Middle Eastern cuisine;
• Lends flavour to meats, curries and marinades;
• Used in beverages, often combined with lemon and sugar;
• Introduction to Sri Lanka is unknown. It is possible that Arab traders or colonial rulers may have introduced it here which was an important trading hub for spices centuries ago;

Products and uses

• Used as dried whole buds;
• Clove oil is used for flavouring foods and in pharmaceuticals and perfumery;
• They are used either whole or ground. Provides flavour to both sweet and savoury foods in pickling and in production of sauces and ketchups;
• In medicine it helps combat flatulence, as well as an aromatic and a stimulant
• Flavouring agent in the cigarette industry;
• Clove oil is used in perfumes and in dentistry as a microscopic cleaning agent;
• Chemicals in cloves help repel ants;

Weights of packaging

• They come in 100 gram or 50 gram packets.