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Pepper - Piper Nigrum

Black Pepper

White Pepper


• Scientific Name – Piper Nigrum;
• Black and white pepper;
• Most widely used spice in the world;
• Known as the “King Of The Spices”;
• Pepper corns referred to as “Black Gold” and used as a form of currency;
• Sri Lanka is one of the main pepper producers in the world;
• Used in traditional medicine;
• Largely produced as black pepper which are the dried green pepper corns;
• White pepper is produced by removing outer pericarp and available as crushed or ground;
• Widely used in perfumery and pharmaceuticals;
• Mainly used as a spice and flavouring agent in food;
• Small amounts of green and ripened pepper is pickled in brine;
• Dehydrated green pepper and preserved red pepper are also traded;
• Pepper oil and oleoresins are also extracted and marketed as valuable by-products

Available products

• Pepper
• White pepper
• Black pepper
• Ground pepper powder
• Crushed pepper